Monday, March 3, 2008

Parmesan-Dill Tilapia

If you know me, I don't like seafood really at all. I can stand a fish fry here and there, but (very) oddly enough I LOVE tuna! But, I still cannot bring myself to try lobster, crab, clams or anything in a shell. Knowing the wonderful benefits of fish, the omega-3s, the lighter fare best for your health, etc. We've been trying some new things for meals.

Enter Tilapia. It doesn't taste fishy!!! The first time I put some panko breadcrumbs on it and sauteed it a bit with a little olive oil. Yes, I realize putting things on it does detract from the healthfulness, but until I get used to it, I can't eat it plain yet. So last night I combined a few things from various online recipes to make my own dish:

2 tbsp mayo
2-3 tbsp Parmesan (I use a fresh chunk and grate it myself)
1/2 - 1 tsp dill (depends on your taste)
dash of pepper
dash of garlic powder
2 fillets tilapia

This doesn't make much and that's the point, it was just a very light covering on each side.Mix all ingredients together. Paint on one side of fillet, broil for a max of 5 mins (I have a low broil setting on my oven, and rack was about 6 inches from the top). Flip over, paint on the other side and broil that side for about 3 mins. Voila! I also sliced some potatoes really thing, splashed a bit of olive oil on, broiled them until just becoming golden/brown. Flipped, broiled some more and added a tiny bit of cheddar and parm cheese. Accompanied by a Caesar salad. Delish!

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