Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thanksgiving recipe I: Bracciole

This is an authentic Italian dish and it's delicious! Bracciole is a stuffed, rolled steak, simmered in sauce. There are a few ways to make this, but I love the simple way my grandma makes hers and eat a ton of it each Thanksgiving. She follows the recipe that her mother (who emigrated from Italy in the early 1900's) gave to her. Some recipes call for bread or egg or meat also rolled into the steaks, which doesn't sound as appealing to me. For more info:

It's hard to give exact numbers because we make at least 8, maybe 10 of these each year. I'll give you what I made a few weeks ago and you can take it from there!

8 thin round steaks (my grandma's butcher gets these for her, about 4 inches wide and almost a foot long. He also labels them "bracciole steaks" for her.)
8-12 cloves crushed garlic
2 bunches parsley-coarsely chopped
Salt & pepper
kitchen twin
2 large jars sauce or more (or homemade!)

Lay steaks on counter or cutting board. Salt and pepper steaks, not a lot, but lightly cover the entire steak. Rub crushed garlic on steak, lightly covering entire side-same side as salt and peppered side. Add more garlic if you like, I cover them copiously because I love garlic! Cover thoroughly with parsley. Starting with the end closest to you, roll tightly to the other end. I use two pieces of string to tie the short, rolled end, and one string on the long, opposite ends. Some recipes call for quickly browning them in a frying pan first before simmering. Which would be fine, but we don't have time for that at Thanksgiving. So, just throw them in a big stock/soup pot with sauce and simmer away. My grandma simmers them all day on Thanksgiving. When you slice them they are so soft and melt in your mouth. Serve the slices with sauce from the pot. Oh. My. Sooo good!

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